trevor bennett

composition | sound design

As a composer and sound designer based out of Portland, Oregon, I am interested in the musicality of everyday sounds.  The specific emotions that white noise elicits; how the sonic rhythms of everyday life can either soothe or grate; the ways in which stories are constantly being told to us subconsciously through sound: these are what inform my process.


Whether applying this keen awareness to my own work or the creative visual work of others, I strive to most acutely and directly enhance the emotional content of a project.  I apply composition and sound design with equal artistic merit, merging the two to create entirely unique sonic identities for each project.  I feel that intersection is what further elevates the visual and creates something truly meaningful.  


 I love collaboration: the sharing of inspiration and concepts with the end goal of making something beautiful.  So please, reach out.


-Trevor Bennett